Special MTAA Board Meeting 3:00 PM
Friday, October 4, 2022 (Via ZOOM Meeting)
(The ZOOM meeting will be available at approximately 12:55 PM)

The meeting will be conducted via a Zoom meeting and it will be accessible as listed below:


Meeting ID: 619 821 4282

Passcode: 9vNCj5

Download Agenda Packet

  1.  Inquire if Notification was given to all Requesting Notification of MTAA Board Meetings.
  2. Adopt Agenda.
  3. Consider Approval of Bids Received for Construction of New Terminal Building at Philip Billard Airport. (Item tabled from September 20, 2022 meeting.)
  4. Consideration of Mutual Release and Settlement Agreement.

metropolitan topeka airport authority
topeka regional airport & business center
6510 SE Forbes Ave., ste. 1, topeka, ks 66619-1446