MTAA Board Meeting 3:00 PM
Topeka Regional Airport, MTAA Administrative Office
MTAA Administrative Office – Board Room
6510 SE Forbes Ave., Building #620

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Addressing the MTAA Board: No person shall address the Board during a Board Meeting, unless they have notified the MTAA Administration Office by 2:00 P.M. on the day of any Board Meeting of their desire to speak on a specific matter on the published meeting agenda or during the public comment portion of the Board Meeting. This limitation shall not apply to items added during the course of a meeting. The Board does not take action with respect to any subject not on the agenda unless added to the agenda by a vote of the Board. Persons addressing the Board will be limited to four (4) minutes of public address on a particular agenda item. Debate, question/answer dialogue or discussion between Board members will not be counted towards the four (4) minute time limitation. The Chair may extend time with the unanimous consent of the Board or the Board by affirmative vote may extend the four (4) minute limitation. Persons will be limited to addressing the Board one (1) time on a particular matter unless otherwise allowed by an affirmative vote of the Board. Citizens wishing to offer Public Comment may sign up by phoning the MTAA Administration office at 862-2362. The Board may waive prior notice by majority vote. To make arrangements for special accommodations please call (785) 862-2362. A 48-hour advance notice is preferred. Agendas are available on Thursday afternoon prior to the regularly scheduled Board meetings at the MTAA Administration Office, Topeka Regional Airport and Business Center, 6510 SE Forbes Ave., Ste. 1, Topeka, KS 66619.

  1. Inquire if Notification was given to all Requesting Notification of MTAA Board Meetings.
  2. Approve Minutes of the MTAA's Specail Board Meeting December 12, 2022 and the Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting of December 20, 2022.
  3. Public Comment.
  4. Adopt Agenda.
  5. Consider Approval of Quote to Repair Overhead Doors at the MTAA P&F Department (Bldg. #623). (Board Action)
  6. Consider Quote for Airfield Paint for Topeka Regional Airport and Philip Billard Airport.  (Board Action)
  7. Consider Approval of Quote for a New Ground Power Unit for TOP Fuel Service.  (Board Action)
  8. Consider Creation of MTAA Director of Development Position. (Board Action)
  9. Consider Submitting an Application for a Small Community Air Service Development Grant. (Board Action)
  10. Consider WSP Task Order No. 12 – FOE Fuel Farm Construction Administration. (Board Action)
  11. Consider Resolution Nos. 23-287 and 23-288 to amend Resolution Nos. 22-285 and 22-286. (Board Action)
  12. MRO Site Timeline, NIAR LOI and Funding.
  13. MTAA Priorities List.
  14. MTAA Development Plan.
  15. HB 2336.
  16. Topic List for Community Engagement Action Session.
  17. Topeka Regional Business Center Standards.
  18. Monthly Reports:
    1. Aviation-Related Issues & Air Service – Eric Johnson
    2. Economic Development & Leasing Activity – Eric Johnson
    3. Monthly Financial Reports – Cheryl Trobough
  19. Executive Session.

metropolitan topeka airport authority
topeka regional airport & business center
6510 SE Forbes Ave., ste. 1, topeka, ks 66619-1446